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blast from the past

--> Here's something I scrawled on the back of a photo:

What a strange day Sunday was.....

excitement ensues

I'm really excited about the "Basic Darkroom" class I'm going to take at NESOP starting Friday. Tomorrow I have to call (or preferably show up in person) Ritz Camera for a follow-up to the silly interview I had last week. That job would be ideal since I'd be learning about something I'm interested in (color processing). Actually, I admit it -- my real reason for applying was that I want to be an obsessive stalker like Sy in One Hour Photo. Anyway, can you believe that my potential future boss has never heard of NESOP? Sounds fishy to me. Well, I won't get my hopes up for this job.....

an odd scene

I walked down to the park today to finish off my roll of Fuji Sensia (but I still have 1 frame left). I wandered around in the woods behind the park where I found some strange stuff the last time I was there. This time was no different...I felt like a crime scene investigator going through there. From the looks of things, some people really like to have fun in those woods. It doesn't look pretty.

My First Entry

"Welcome to the 21st century", I tell myself. I'm now one of the thousands of people who post their thoughts on the internet for all to see. I wonder how long I'll keep it up.