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what should I do with my life?

yesterday certainly was interesting. And I didn't even leave the house.... --------- I came across this inspiring article today that deals with the title question, "what should I do with my life?". It's something that I and lots and lots of other people, including most of my peers that I know, are dealing with at this age. From the article:
Shouldn't I make money first -- to fund my dream? The notion that there's an order to your working life is an almost classic assumption: Pay your dues, and then tend to your dream. I expected to find numerous examples of the truth of this path. But I didn't find any. .... It turns out that having the Financial independence to walk away rarely triggers people to do just that. The reality is, making money is such hard work that it changes you. It takes twice as long as anyone plans for. It requires more sacrifices than anyone expects. You become so emotionally invested in that world -- and psychologically adapted to it -- that you don't really want to ditch it.

I've had an issue with people who have told me exactly that "classic assumption", and although I know based on seeing other people's experiences that the author is right, it's easy to get into the trap of putting off my dreams when the proponents are so vocal. Of course, then the question is still, "what should I do with my life?"...And here is a good nugget of truth from the article:

The right question is, How can I find something that moves my heart, so that the inevitable crap storm is bearable?

I'm still looking for the answer to that question.

happy new year?

Wow. It's 2003 already. For the record, I rang in the new year sitting on my couch by myself watching Falling Down (highly recommended) and eating Oreos. How sad is that? I don't know.

live entertainment

So I got a Logitech Quickcam Express today. This is an experiment. As you can see, it updates the picture on the side bar every 30 seconds. The webcam itself is here and updates every 10 seconds. Now I sit back and watch what happens.

we all need somebody to lean on

I'm tired. I got little sleep last night. I drove Judy to John's place this morning because she may be moving out. It was sad. I hope she can handle living away from home and paying for school and everything. I really hope so. I hope we remain good friends. I didn't say anything, but it's upsetting that Judy mentions Jehae so much. I don't want to be reminded of her. I can think about it myself if I wanted to, but please don't bring up every memory from the past. What's done is done. It hurts enough as it is. thank you. I was probably being hasty when I said that Judy was too insensitive. She just doesn't know what can hurt sometimes......