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wait a minute

It occurs to me that the previous post might sound like I'm contradicting myself by saying in the beginning that people shouldn't think they have a profound effect on my actions, while complaining later on with such angst. Does that mean people do have an effect on my actions? No, I don't think so. My main points are:

  • don't think that you have a special effect on my state of mind. because you probably don't
  • unsolicited advice usually stinks, especially from people who never talk to me
  • don't ask questions if you lack the attention span to listen to the answers.

That's all. just wanted to clarify, you know?


I think some people in my family give themselves too much credit. I mean, if I decide to go out and not tell anyone where I'm going, it's not out of revenge for something from my childhood. And I don't get tattoos or piercings to spite my family. Get over yourselves, people! I'm sure you'd like to think that you have a profound effect on the way I think and feel, but.... you don't! So please, turn down the melodrama.

I guess the latest episode of much ado about nothing is setting up the christmas tree. News flash, folks: I can't remember the last time I cared about christmas decorations, trees, and ornaments. You can do it without me; I won't be offended. promise.

And on another note, if I happen to be talking to someone, it doesn't mean that I desperately need their advice on anything. If I wanted advice I'd probably say something like, "what should I do about X?". Otherwise, it's just talking. Again, get over yourselves. Realize that I will survive with or without your infinite wisdom.

"The Holidays" are so great. More than usual, all sorts of people who don't really know me pretend that they do while simultaneously not paying attention to anything I say. awesome!

I didn't know that questions like "how's work?" or "what's new?" or "what happened with your court appearance?" were just figures of speech these days. Apparently, some people love asking questions but hate waiting for the answers and just tune them out anyway. Maybe that's just a family thing.

(this post is intentionally ambiguous so as not to directly offend anyone. besides, anyone reading it who falls into that category I'm venting about would probably say, "oh, he must be talking about so-and-so. certainly not about me." haha!)

life in traffic

A couple weeks ago while inching along in 93 South traffic I saw a pretty fascinating scene in my rear view mirror. I zipped into the middle lane in front of a woman who was sobbing almost uncontrollably. Her daughter sat in the passenger seat with a blank expression on her face. My eyes were glued to the mirror. Why was she crying? With one eye on the road I was imaging a narrative, trying to probe her expression. But before I could glean any understanding, a giggly girl talking on a cellphone popped in behind me, obscuring my view. And just like that, the woman in pain and her shocked daughter were out of scope. They might as well have fallen off the planet.

The moment was more powerful and stayed with me longer than I can describe with words. I thought, that's life -- millions of people suffering and laughing together, in traffic. Even those in pain are creeping along with everyone else. Unfortunately it's so easy to change lanes and leave those people in the dust...

That is life.

an analogy

Let's say girls are like canned vegetables. While most guys go for the typically unblemished cans, I prefer slightly dented ones. A few dings adds a unique character that differentiates from the mass of identical cans. Plus you might get a discount. The only problem, however, is that there seems to be a very fine line between a uniquely dimpled container and a botulin-riddled death trap.