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Ah, breasts. Here's an article about the evolution of breasts found via reddit. I learned so much about human nature (and myself!) after reading about why women have those wonderful, floppy bags of fat...

Chance Encounter

I noticed a man walking his strange-looking black pug ahead of me near The Druid on Cambridge Street. When I passed him, I looked back and recognized his face.

me: Do I know you?

him: [skeptically] No, I don't think so...

me: What's your name?

him: Errol...

me: Errol Morris!

Errol: Yeah.

me: Nice to meet you! [shakes hand] Well, I don't know you, but... [walks away]

Errol: [turns down Oak Street] ...And Jackpot.

me: Jackpot? He's cute.

Errol: Thanks.

So, I totally blew my chance to learn everything about documentary film making from Errol Morris. Geeze, who would've thought?! Maybe I'll spot him walking Jackpot some other time, and then I'll be prepared with questions. Although, now that he knows there's some weirdo with a pierced septum who recognizes him, he'll probably change his route...

Working For Tabblo

It's pretty close to official: I'm going to be working at Tabblo a week from Monday! Needless to say, I'm quite excited, but considering it's 11:20 on a Friday night after a long short week, I won't go into the details of my excitement about the future.

I'll say more later, but in the meantime, chickety-check me out on Tabblo. Then, try it out for yourself!


Tabblo: Playing With PhotoBooth

If you've got a mac with iSight, Photo Booth is good for minutes of fun!

As you can see, though, some people can't handle this much fun without falling asleep... ... See my Tabblo>

PyStone Confirms it: MacBook Pro Wins

PyStone results (best of 4 tries for each):

  • AMD Sempron 1.5Ghz running FreeBSD 6.0: 29090.9 pystones/sec
  • Dual G5 2Ghz desktop running OS 10.4.6: 30120.5 pystones/sec
  • Dual G5 2Ghz Xserve running OS 10.3.9: 11261.3 pystones/sec
  • Macbook Pro 2Ghz running OS 10.4.6: 45871.6 pystones/sec (1.5x faster than G5)

Yes, I'm sure this isn't a scientific test. The Xserve failed miserably. Even though it did have a light load, I'm guessing OS 10.3.9 played a part in its poor performance. I'm also not sure why my lowly Sempron nearly beat the Dual G5...

(I'll also note that the pystone benchmark running inside a Parallels hosted version of FreeBSD 6.1 on the Macbook performed slightly better than the benchmark running natively in OS X! Explain that one to me. [I'll try the test again later])

One thing is clear, though: As far as pystones go (and whatever a pystone is...), the Macbook Pro trounces the G5 when running the same version of python on the same version of OS X.

I'm convinced -- this thing is fast.