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This server was offline for a while today because somebody accidentally pressed the "standby" button on the cable modem. Why is there a standby button anyway?! When would that ever be useful?

Well, I taped some wood and cardboard over the button, so it shouldn't happen again!

getting sappy just before bed time

sunrise portrait
sunrise on the blue line
I can remember when I first saw you
You said in my photograph I looked more far away
I laughed and smiled and didn’t say “I am a bit afraid to be here.”

Setting free the anchor and looking past the shore
It’s a sea of horses on ships with no sails, no motors, no oars

Now we’re cleaning the windows between us two
Funny, you do it once, and then again, and pretty soon
the fingerprints and dust...
But I’ve begun to trust the view here.
sunrise silhouette
this is wonderland


Uh-oh. I can see a pattern emerging in my life. Now, what should I do about it? Hmm, maybe I should run off and do this Road Scholar thing. Maybe they sent me the brochure for a reason...



Yes, it's true. We still have a cat. His name is Bentley (though I thought it was Ben), and he's shy. He is low-maintenance despite the nappy lumps in his fur. I don't see him during daylight, but he likes to sleep between my feet at night. He purrs with gusto.


lee lee

Yes, it's true. I still have a girlfriend. Her name is lee lee (though it used to be Charrolee). She sleeps on the side of the bed facing the window because otherwise I'd freeze. This coming sunday will be one year for us. My, how we've changed. And how we haven't. Defying reality, we stubbornly love each other.


I wish she were home right now.

At the Liberry

I'm at one of the MIT libraries right now, using a very fast "dumb terminal" running Linux. Web browsing is wayy faster than on my Mac Mini, though I guess it helps to have a T3 or whatever. I almost want to get a speedy FreeBSD box just to use FireFox. But, I don't have the space...