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someday I'll get the shot

On my way to Ritz Camera today, I noticed farmers tending a field right off of Route 28(it's a really unusual location for a farm). Well, I first saw these farmers on my ride to work one morning, and if I had my camera at the time, I definitely would've stopped to take such an interesting picture even if it meant being late for work. But of course, I don't bring my camera everywhere I go. Today I had my camera and 2 exposures left, but I didn't get the shot I wanted (I was too far away). Someday, I'll be prepared. Incidentally, I used slide film, so even if I did get the perfect shot, I wouldn't be able to scan it easily. People shots interest me so much, and more and more of my photographs are candid street shots. I still have a ton to learn about street photography, but already I know that I'm getting more comfortable approaching strangers or just taking a picture without asking. People have said that taking someone's photograph is like capturing their soul. The tough part is finding a subject who has a soul to begin with. What I mean is that I'm really trying to steal someone's soul by taking their photograph, and that's hard. This portrait isn't that bad (the print is bad though, and the negative was stolen...):
But I'd love to be able to make photographs like this one:
By Steve McCurry