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I'm back...

And I'm sick. The NESOP class will be really fun, no doubt. Lizzy is a cool cat who's in my class -- I slept at her apartment in Alston when I missed the last train home. If I was a drinker or a pot smoker I would've had lots of fun at the party Lizzy threw, but instead I played with a hamster, became addicted to Tetris, and amused myself by observing all the drunk/stoned people make fools of themselves. Yay!
It was tough to sleep with all the commotion. I briefly used a passed out drunk girl as a pillow -- her breathing was relaxing even if the stench was unpleasant, but then she left, and I switched to a mattress with a Winnie The Pooh blanket. Juan, another passed out drunk kid, made lots of noise in his sleep. But it was a good time except for this lousy cold I picked up. It's too bad Lizzy has a boyfriend (and he's a really nice guy too). Oh, sea, etc.