Runcible Blog

so much to say?

What a jam-packed day I had yesterday. For starters, I went to South Station for the first time. There, I met up with Amie. Aside from her irrational fear of sidewalk-grates, she's cool. It's too bad we didn't get to hang out for very long. Next, I rushed to my darkroom class and spent a long time listening to a lecture, causing my butt to become sore. But then, we got to the fun part -- developing film. I'll be sure to scan the prints when we start printing next week. Since the class ran late and I stayed to wait for my negatives to dry, I had to take the last train out of North Station. But it was a really interesting experience. Some kid from Lowell started talking to me about Drew Bledsoe, Tom Brady, alcohol, and weed. He asked me if I smoked and was surprised that I didn't. BUT, it was his lucky day. You see, earlier, on my way to South Station, I dropped my coins on the floor before the turnstile. When I picked them up, I noticed that someone had lost a small bag of green, oregano-looking substance. Aha! Of course, I snagged it. And since I had no use for it, I (generously?) gave it to the pot-loving kid I met in North Station. Maybe it was laced with poison-- I have no idea, but at least someone will be able to enjoy it. Oh, but that's not the end of the North Station story. Another person I met there was a guitarist who plays a fretless guitar. How unusual. While we were talking, he noticed my photo stuff and asked if I had any pictures he could see. When I showed him the negatives that I had just developed, he noticed that I took a picture of a drummer named Jacob (who played in Harvard Square last week), who just so happens to live with this guitarist in Winchester! What a weird coincidence. Anyway, we exchanged phone numbers and just might jam together one of these days. Ok, every body sing with me, "It's a small world after all! It's a small world after all!........"