Runcible Blog

Am I building character or digging my own grave?

I take back those things I said about being proud to live in Lawrence.....But first, where did I leave off? Oh yes. I ended up going to Winchester to jam with Nathan, the fretless guitarist. We played some very strange, "out", atonal stuff. It was the weirdest stuff I've ever played, but it was interesting regardless. He's into "microtonal" melodies and unusual time signatures. I'm sure we'll jam again (since I forgot my hat at his place). Then, I went back into Boston and met up with Judy and John to take a trip to the MFA. I'm just glad the admission was free. Finally, I made it to NESOP and developed film and printed some awful things. I don't know what was going wrong, but everything looked like crap to me. And I'm supposed to have a few more prints for class tomorrow. *sigh* I got out of there late, and for some reason, I was compelled to have a conversation with Jehae. Even though I keep trying to tell myself to forget about her, I can't. And it was a very emotional conversation. It pains me to see how easily she's been able to forget about me, but I can't say I blame her. By the time that was over, I was emotionally drained and just plain tired. And since it was probably too late to make the last train out of town, I had to find a place to sleep. After a pointless trek to Allston and back, I finally settled on the College of Arts and Sciences building. I've slept there twice before, and it is not pleasant. But it beats sleeping outside. So, I slept on one of the couches, with my bass firmly held between my legs, my head resting against the neck as a pillow, and my backpack strap wrapped around my neck just in case someone tried to steal it. I was so tired that I mostly ignored the janitors that clean all night, and I woke up only several times. I got up around 7:45 -- just in time to move on before classes started. So, I got about 6 hours sleep. not bad. Oh, and when I got off the train in Lawrence, I was pleasantly surprised to see that no one stole my bike. But then I noticed that someone slashed both tires (which cost about $40 each) and stole the toolkit I had in the saddle pouch (another $40). Thanks! So, I walked home, with my bass, and my backpack, and my bike with two flat tires. The end.