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--> From: G-heh kim Date: Fri Oct 11, 2002 00:28:23 US/Eastern To: "Dave St.Germain" Subject: Re: how do you do it? ....... >Rightttt...well, since you're doing such a great job >"moving on", what >can I do? Should I go to a club and try to pick up >a drunk chick? (I'm not joking) if that's what you want to do. or you can do something productive...i'm not sure what, since your options are so limtied. i'm doing sucha great job moving on because like i said, from the beginning my priority is schoolwork and it's stayed that way, and it probably won't change. I dont' dwell on it all the time because if i did, i wouldn't be able to get any work done. >I've told you that you could talk to me if you >wanted to. But you seem to convince yourself that >I hate you, so you avoid you GAVE me that impression. you distinctly told me that you thought i was a slut and a liar and a bitch, so i just assumed from those hints that you had strong feelings of dislike. i avoid talking to you becuase i'm afraid whatever i say you will take in the wrong way or read too much into it. and then attack me again. how could you even ask why or how i think that you hate me, you Clearly gave me that impression. by those emails, those threats, the last phone call before i left for Korea. >I couldn't help but notice how unsure you sounded >when you said >"...even if I did think about a relationship, I >_doubt_ I'd pursue i'm tired of being in a relationship, you actually have to spend time with the persona nd care about them and have them be your num one priority. i dont' have that kind of time. My relationship wiht you took alot out of me, and so i'm tired and i'm constantly depressed despite the fact that i'm trying hard not to be. and you dont' believe that i put alot into that relationship and i did, and i'm tired, i feel like i lost a great part of me. relationships take alot of effort and work. i say i doubt, because i do, i'm sorry for being honest with you. i only mentioned it because that's the way i felt. i didnt' say it just to make you feel better, i said it because that was the truth. -jk