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It's ok to be different, as long as you're just like all the other different people

As I expected, I was not up to the dress code standards at the ManRay nightclub in Cambridge. I wore my security guard uniform (I even had handcuffs!). The exchange went something like this: bouncer 1 (to bouncer 2): "Uh, is this going to work?" bouncer 2 (looking me over with a flashlight): "No. Sorry. You're wearing green pants and brown shoes. We can't let you in. Sorry." I guess I'm not cut out for that sort of thing. I could go back on thursday when there is no dress code. But Thursday is gay night....I wouldn't fit in there either. Where do all the non-punk, non-goth, non-yuppie, non-eurotrash, somewhat odd people go??? Do we just stay indoors?