Runcible Blog


I think I finally finished shooting my egg assignment. It was actually deceptively simple, assuming I did it right. I tried some different approaches, including this neat trick I learned: take a wooden skewer and carefully poke a hole on the top of the egg, then send it through to make a hole in the other side. Then, put your mouth on one hole and blow REALLY HARD. It takes a lot of blowing, but eventually the entire egg will ooze out of the other hole. (this is not suggestive of any other activity, by the way) When you're done, you'll have a nice hollow egg to play with. On another note, I'm trying to find out where I can buy or how I can make a kilt for a reasonable price. I think it would be a very cool thing to wear. Then, I can start to learn the bagpipes. On another another note, look at this odd website. It's not for the easily offended.