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Something that girl said....

--> That girl who shall remain nameless told me the other day that the reason she hasn't called me is that she hasn't had any "need to talk to someone." You see, she said I could call her if I ever needed someone to talk to. But apparently, she doesn't talk to people unless she "needs" to....sure. Here is how I responded in an email:
Also, I understand that you haven't made an attempt to talk to me because you haven't had any need to talk to someone. Does that mean that you don't talk to ANY of your other friends? From what you're saying, you communicate with your friends only when you need to talk to someone (or if they call you, I guess). What about talking to them just for the sake of talking? Just because you're "friends". Maybe that doesn't sound strange to you.... If that is your way of subtly telling me that you'd rather not talk to me, just come out and say it. Why should I bother calling you if you're not really interested in me, and if you're going to say nervously, "why did you call??" every time you answer the phone?
So far, she hasn't responded. It seems that most of her excuses/reasons are just cop out answers -- I wish she'd be honest and straightforward with me. Dishonesty hurts so much more. But why do I keep thinking about her? Why do I torment myself? Why does everything I see or hear remind me of her, and why is she so cold? She was my best friend, and I was(am?) her "soulmate". How could she so easily throw it all away??? Someone tell me.