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how will this make me money?

I didn't realize that I was selling any products or services. Maybe I should start selling stuff. Does anyone want to buy photographs?? Maybe I should sell hair growth pills like this company thinks I do:
From: "Darren Gaspar" Subject: Could be truly a win-win situation for both of us To: "Webmaster" Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 13:30:19 -0700 Hi Dcs, I've visited your site OverExposure We`ve noticed the products or services on your site closely parallel those of ours. Perhaps you may be interested in a banner or link exchange agreement with us. It could work to both our advantages as our products are not in competition with each other but may be equally interesting to people visiting our sites. Our site has undergone substantial renovations. A whole new look, many new products and easier than ever to navigate. Come and see at Yours truly, Darren Gaspar, President