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just like Tom and Jerry, only not as funny

I found a dead mouse on the kitchen floor this morning. One of our cats bit the little critter's face off. It looks like the mouse came from a hole in the wall that I've never noticed before but which the cats have been guarding all morning. I don't know how the mouse found its way inside, but I'm reminded of a something I learned in science class long ago. There was once a theory (back when "science" was more drunken speculation than drunken reasoning) that claimed that organic matter could appear out of thin air, basically. The scientist who made such a claim (and whose name eludes me) set out to prove it by making a mouse appear out of a rag that he stuffed in a closed bottle. Needless to say, the experiment failed, and presumably the "scientist" went on to become a senator or president or something. But I believe his theory is relevant in this case. I can offer no explanation for this mouse appearance other than spontaneous matter conversion from the sheet-rock inside the wall. I'll make more observations later.