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--> I'm sad. I've been sad for a while now. I lost a huge part of my life. It's gone. I want someone to care about so that I can stop thinking about myself. Seeing happy couples cuddling in public nearly brings me to tears. Writing these words has the same effect. It's a lousy feeling when you care so much about someone who doesn't know how to love another. And no matter how much I say or how eloquently I try to say it, she'll never understand; she'll never care as much as she lead me to believe she did. Slowly, slowly, I'm chasing her memory from my conscious mind (though not a day, or hour goes by without her passing through my brain), but she still invades my unconscious -- she haunts my dreams with happiness that we'll never again share..... Now I must sleep. Please, stay out of my dreams. It hurts so much.