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wow. it's late

Everyday, I go to bed a little later and wake up a little later. This has got to stop. I talked to my aunt from Florida today. It's been quite a while. In an email, she says:
Sometimes people do what they are good at to make money so at a future date they can pursue the things they like. I hope you quit your job because of transportation not just because you didn't feel like doing it anymore. See when you reach a certain age you have to be responsible for yourself. Do you really think I wake up everyday and say Great I am going to the Bank today!!  Not really. I am good at my job but it is not my passion.
I suppose there are things I'm good at that I could do for the time being. must look into those things... In another note, I think I have a "crush" on a girl at NESOP. She told me her name and I told her mine. She is such a knockout...But how could I even approach her? Me, a lowly workshop student, and she, an ultra-hot full-timer (she mentioned that she shoots nudes. interesting....). *Sigh* I hope she's there on saturday when I go to print. *giddy laughter*