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--> I was supposed to meet Vanessa today in Lowell. It was my first experience on an MVRTA bus, and it was a positive experience. However, when I got to Lowell, Vanessa was nowhere to be found. What gives? I still don't know since she hasn't called or anything. So it was a bit of a waste of the day. But while waiting for a return bus, I witnessed and photographed a small fight and the arrest of a drunken couple. The guy somehow got into a fight with an idiotic high school kid and pulled a knife on him. Then, for some reason, his girlfriend joined the fight and punched the kid in the face (the couple were in their 30's I'd say). The cops arrived and arrested this crazy couple (he was charged with assault with a knife and she was charged with assault and battery). Someone tried to stop me from taking pictures (presumably in case the high school kid decided to fight back..eliminate the evidence). Lowell is a weird place.