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I didn't see this in the news, though I don't usually read the paper or watch TV news. It's a letter from Osama Bin Laden to America, and it comes from the British site The Observer. I don't know if it's legit, but it certainly is detailed. Believe it or not, Osama makes some valid points if you ignore the religious fundamentalism. Such as:
Your policy on prohibiting and forcibly removing weapons of mass destruction to ensure world peace: it only applies to those countries which you do not permit to possess such weapons. As for the countries you consent to, such as Israel, then they are allowed to keep and use such weapons to defend their security. Anyone else who you suspect might be manufacturing or keeping these kinds of weapons, you call them criminals and you take military action against them.
I guess that means we should get ready for another round of attacks. I'll have to stay indoors 24-7 rather than 23.5-7 like I do now. But wait, if I stay indoors, "the terrorists win". Therefore, I'll also have to go rollerskating in short-shorts and a gas mask...otherwise, "the terrorists win"...