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it's time to step on toes

In between coughs and sneezes, I was thinking about some things -- some important observations. I think it's important for all of us to be honest with ourselves and others. We often shy away from facing ourselves at all costs. We distract ourselves with hobbies, activities, jobs, friends, etc. But take away all of those things, and you'll have an opportunity to be honest with yourself and really look at who you are. What I've just been thinking about is fear. If the rest of this offends you, tough cookies. Argue with me if you want; it's better than ignoring the problem.
Our Fears My mother has a fear of constancy. My father has a fear of uncertainty. My brother has a fear of commitment. My sister has a fear of solitude. I have a fear of rejection.
Of course, that's only a small part of the story. But it's a start. I can think about how our fears have a strangle hold on our lives sometimes and determine our occasionally-irrational behavior.... Have you, the reader, taken time lately to confront your fears? Now, it's bed time.