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panic on ames street

I intended on taking a few night-time pictures of the reservoir area, when 3 cop cars came zooming down haverhill street and on to ames street. Naturally, I stopped to see what was going down and maybe take a few pictures if there was anything exciting. Apparently, a lady tripped her panic alarm in her house, but when the cops arrived, she just wouldn't answer the door. They were knocking and knocking, went around the back, flashed lights and tried everything, but she wouldn't come out. We could plainly see her inside with her baby in her arms, and the cops motioned to her in the window to open the door, but she just went upstairs, closed the window shade, and stayed there....After about 20 minutes or longer, the police left. I can't imagine why she wouldn't open the door if only to tell them that everything was alright. Maybe she was having a panic attack and was too afraid to open the door. Or maybe there was something else going on in there. who knows? One can only imagine, or read about it in the paper tomorrow. It was so cold that my fingers weren't moving, so I didn't get the reservoir pictures like I planned. try again tomorrow. or today. whichever it is.