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crazy girl gets no sympathy from me.

From: "G-heh Kim" Date: Tue Dec 3, 2002 00:41:11 US/Eastern To: Subject: sorry to bother you... I thought i'd let you know how miserable my life is. because you hate me so much and all. i spend the entire thanksgiving break being lectured and told -what a terrible dresser i am - that i need to grow up - that i need to Act and look more like an adult - that i need to be pro-active - that i don't know where i'm going because i'm immature and have no concept of the future - that i need to learn how to take care of myself - that my parents aren't going to be around forever telling me what to do...basically that i need to grow up. so the whole family joined in in critisizing me and making me feel terrible. you arent the only one who thinks badly of me. We spent the whole entire thanksgiving arguing. and shouting and arguing. And most of the arguing was about me and how incompetent i am. Now i'm even more stressed because of all of that...and schoolwork. how was your thanksgiving? I hope it was better than mine. -i guess i'm writing to you, because i dont' know. i know you hate me nad never want to talk to me, but i don't know.
-------------------------------------------------- Shortly after:
From: "G-heh Kim" Date: Tue Dec 3, 2002 02:00:11 US/Eastern To: Subject: IGNORE THAT LAST EMAIL! ignore that last email. just delete it. I shouldn't be complaining to you. i'm sorry i bothered you. i'm just feeling pathetic and sorry for myself again. IGNORE THAT last email. i'm just a bitch and feeling whiney.