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can't explain

Now Playing: Old Man from the album "'Decade' disc 2" by Neil Young It's always frustrating when people ask me questions if they aren't really paying attention to the answer or aren't really interested in the answer. In cases like that, I usually just mumble something, and if they persist or seem to pay attention, I'll actually answer them. For instance, on thanksgiving my aunt asked me in passing "what's a quarter note?" while doing other things and not really paying attention. I mean, how do you explain what a quarter note is in that situation? In general though, isn't it a good idea not to ask questions if you're not going to listen to the answer? I guess some people just feel that they should try to make conversation, but it's insulting. On another note, although I don't think Amie reads this any longer, if you do read this, please reconsider dropping out of high school. It's just no good. I don't know where my old friends who dropped out are now, but I bet you'll regret it if you do drop out. Coming from a college dropout/flunky, you can take my advice with a grain of salt.......heed my words though!