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After lots and lots of reading, I can't decide whether I should start a revolution or go hide in a corner. Pursuing the whole secret society/Illuminati thing, I found, among other things, this page which exposes the Freemasons as a Satanic organization bent on ruling the world (or at least the "advanced" Freemasons have that goal). I had known absolutely nothing about their group before today. And man, is it weird... What's scarier is the connection the Freemasons/Illuminati have to our government. For instance, the symbol on every dollar bill, and the Illuminati-based logo for the newly created Information Awareness Office (whose job it will be to spy on Americans, basically). Another fishy group that has power in the political, media, and financial worlds is the Council on Foreign Relations, of which nearly all of the U.S. presidents and secretaries of defense have been members since the council was created by none other than members of the Order of Skull and Bones.... Some people claim that the CFR is another offshoot of the Illuminati's with a similar group in the U.K. Indeed, the CFR holds meetings that are "off the record" in which members aren't allowed to reveal the contents to the public. Incidentally, prominent players in the media (Tom Brokaw and Jim Lehrer come to mind) are members of the Council. Chew on that for a little while. I've got to get some fresh air before there's no more fresh air left!