Runcible Blog


I had a nightmarish sort of dream last night wherein I was a soldier on another planet fighting this swarm-like insect that devoured everything and was impervious to any weapons. And somehow the swarm also manifested itself as an orange cat, but it was a menacing cat. The only way I could escape it was by jumping in the ocean (I can't swim) naked. You had to be naked or else the cat/insect swarm would find you. And at one point the cat jumped in the ocean and was just feet away from me. I couldn't bear to look, but I thought, "that's it. at any moment I'm going to be gobbled up by this ruthless alien, and there's nothing I can do but sit here in the ocean and think happy thoughts." And amazingly, the cat passed by me and devoured my commanding officer instead. But that was a scary moment. The dream continued for a while....People colonized the planet after the cat/swarm left, but I stayed there and played the role of the paranoid-guy-who-freaks-out-because-he-thinks-the-aliens-are-going-to-return-and-kill-everyone-and-no-one-believes-him. But I think that's what happened. It gets hazy after that. Usually I have fairly realistic and mundane dreams, so this one was pretty wacky.