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they didn't get it

Adaptation is a pretty good movie. I can't really describe the movie at this hour, but it's very "clever". Some reviewers at IMDB, however, apparently didn't get the irony or anything else. I shouldn't be surprised though. They didn't understand that the final third of the movie was when "Donald" came in to help his brother finish the script, and Charlie picked up the ideas of that writing teacher or whatever he was. It was actually kind of funny. Even the music changed during the ridiculous swamp chase to some typical chase music. It was well done. But apparently it was subtle enough for a lot of the audience to miss the point and think it was just a badly written hollywood ending. Well, that was the point. It's called irony -- look it up. It's too bad that so many people seemed to completely miss the point of the movie. I hope it gets the credit it deserves. Although I would say that it did seem a bit long -- I was expecting the ending to come sooner, but it wasn't an unbearable wait. All in all, I give it a rating of two thumbs up the sphincter!