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90% perspiration

Lately I've been lacking inspiration. I haven't taken a single photograph in a long time. I don't know if it's just that nothing has interested me around here or that I'm not interested in making pictures. Oddly enough, since I got my car, I've probably gone out less than I did before (although since my class finished I've had less reason to go to boston). I'm thinking that if I move ahead full bore on this proposed trip, I might find my inspiration down south. The thread of inspiration is there -- it's my choice to follow it or stay here and look for something else. The little gremlins that I see when I take a whiff of Bondo fumes try to plant the seed of doubt in my mind. They tell me I can't do it or shouldn't do it or should do something more practical, etc. And unfortunately for most of those times when I've felt a pull from some other thread of inspiration, those gremlins (manifested in human form rather than styrene-induced hallucinogenic apparitions) have succeeded in keeping me right here. (sometimes I'm my own gremlin) I've got to get moving if I'm really going to go through with this scheme.