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I was going to wait for a while

But I might forget what I wanted to say. Well, today would've been the day we left for New Orleans. But have no fear, the plans are in the works. --- In reference to this: I don't know what the term "naturally lonely person" means. What are you trying to say? Are you implying that I'm extroverted and have all sorts of people to share my feelings with? That's not true. Not at all. And it seems like an excuse to say that someone is "naturally lonely" or not. People can change those characteristics if they choose. There's no "lonely gene". I'm positive you have more and better friends than I do, so what is your point? Also, a connection with another person is not the same thing as simply interacting. I didn't say people shouldn't interact with others; I didn't even say we shouldn't try to connect with others. But it all comes down to intent. I don't know where you got the idea that "no act is selfless". That is absolutely untrue. There are selfless acts happening all the time in the world. There isn't even a debate although you can try to explain what you mean. You're just dead wrong on that issue. And as long as you believe that no act is selfless, you'll never be less selfish. And yes I know that we have this tendency to judge people or assign labels, but don't say that it's impossible to think another way. Don't try to dismiss what I say by claiming that it isn't from my "heart". Well, it isn't. My heart doesn't think. But I do put a lot of energy into conversations with people. I wasn't cutting and pasting from a book. If I didn't believe what I wrote, I wouldn't have written it. Take it or leave it (though I think you'll leave it). Get over your inferiority complex. Just because you judge me doesn't mean I'm judging you or thinking I'm "better" than you. And you're right, I shouldn't try to fix you, and I won't try anymore. It seems I did more harm than good. I can't say I didn't see this coming.