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Talk About the Weather

It's a positively balmy 29 degrees (Fahrenheit) here in Lawrence, and it's supposed to climb up to 32 today. It certainly feels warmer today than it has been recently. It's funny how that works -- compared to the single digit temperatures we've been having, I feel like wearing shorts today!

My car is being "inspected" right now and should be street legal soon. The situation is kind of weird since someone I don't know is driving my car down to be inspected. It seems fishy, but that's the way he wanted to do it. Weird. I hope the car comes back in one piece (that would be an improvement, actually...).

I went to Home Depot yesterday to get a screw so that I could fix the trunk hinge, and I decided to fix the hinge in the parking lot. Since I was sitting in my trunk tinkering away, someone thought I was breaking into the car. A store clerk asked me what I was doing and tried to make sure I wasn't stealing anything. I thought it was kind of funny, but more than that, it renewed some hope in mankind. Well, maybe it wasn't that profound, but even if they're a little paranoid, I'm glad people are looking out for their fellow man.