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Bush is a tool of God

(Emphasis on the tool part)

A few days ago, Bush had an informal meeting with a faithful constituent from Alabama. Here are some startling quotes:

Bush talked about his struggle to persuade that bunch in New York -- the United Nations -- to act against Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.
No media bias here, folks...
"I don't know what they're going to do, he said. But I can tell you this: I know what I'm going to do, and Saddam Hussein is going to be disarmed. I told them they could be the League of Nations or the United Nations. That's up to them and the history books ."
So, to answer your question, Yes, war is inevitable.

I came from Texas, and I'll go back to Texas. And in Midland, Texas, when I grew up, there were more signs saying Get us out of the UN' than there were saying God Bless America.' And there were plenty of God Bless America' signs.

I bet there were more STOP signs than "Get us out of the UN" signs, but I suppose that won't sway the good ol' boy from Midland Texas (who attended the prestigious Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts and graduated from Yale. Where is Yale again? Oh, that's right -- not Texas) from dismantling the UN in his grab for power.

Ok, here's where Bush gets scary:
"I feel the comfort and the power of knowing that literally millions of Americans I'm never going to meet ... say my name to the Almighty every day and ask him to help me, he said. My friend, Jiang Zemin in China, has about a billion and a half folks, and I don't think he can say that. And my friend, Vladimir Putin, I like him, but he can't say that.

This guy thinks he's doing God's work. Does anyone else find that prospect disconcerting? Are we going to see an Executive Order declaring Bush infallible? I shudder at the thought of a Bush re-election...

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