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Like a Rerun of a Bad Movie

Bush's war rhetoric makes me sick. I, and millions of other people around the world, are powerless to stop this illegal war that begins in less than 48 hours. The president and his handlers have been smirking and telling everyone "who cares what you think?" while dismantling international alliances, alienating some of our closest friends, bribing nations for support, and spouting outright lies in order to scare the population into following this aggressive action. Make no mistake, an invasion of Iraq will be illegal under the same laws that Germany and Japan were prosecuted after WWII. Not only that, but by definition, U.S. troops will be war criminals even though they are following the orders of their commanders. However, it's unlikely that any American will be held accountable for their actions considering the U.S. rejected the International Criminal Court and invokes international law only when it suits American interests. In the words of Chevy Chase: "This is crazy. This is CRAZY. THIS IS CRAZY!" I watched a Frontline show highlighting the past 20 years of the Iraq situation. One clip showed a kurdish refugee crying out for help after the U.S abandoned the Kurds to face Saddam's wrath. American soldiers could see what was happening but wouldn't help. Seeing her pleas for help made me tear up a little bit, but let's not have any delusions that this war is anything but a selfish power grab. Those who latch on to the humanitarian angle for justifying this war are fooling themselves. Bush doesn't care about Kurds and never has. Considering Bush doesn't even care about poor Americans, why should anyone buy his lies about fighting to "liberate" the Iraqis? Not In My Name This is not my war. Bush is not my president. The only support I give to our military is by asking them to come home. If they decide to follow orders and kill civilians, they are criminals who deserve to be prosecuted. I don't hope that they be killed just as I don't wish for Iraqi deaths. But when 3,000 bombs fall on the 6 million inhabitants of Baghdad, who will be so ignorantly hypocritical to say that their cause is "peace"? The soldiers heading for Iraq will be aiming at the wrong Republican guard. Let us restore Democracy in the United States before we attempt to foster "liberty" in the Middle East at the barrel of a gun.