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interesting setup

(warning: geek speak ahead...)
There's a weird system here that enables me to update this picture webcam every 30 seconds and involves three computers and lots of noise. A Logitech Quickcam Express connects to an old iMac imac called aquaboogie. The picture then gets sent via NFS to this huge server a few feet away big crap whose fans lull me to sleep at night. The picture is stored on a RAID array of one drive (therefore, it's neither redundant nor an array). Finally, the webserver in my closet (too far away to get a picture), which also has an NFS link to the huge not-redundant RAID, grabs the photo and serves it up. It's a convoluted configuration, but it justifies having an otherwise useless 3rd computer running at all times.
Now, when I want to add that little picture of the cat, it's a whole different story involving laser digitization of a tiny cat that I keep frozen under my bed, but I won't get into that this time.

There, I've gotten that computer mumbo jumbo out of my system....back to the usual rambling.