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"you dont understand kids our age"

That just about makes my day.

(By the way, I'll be 20 in 4 days -- so over the hill that I've lost touch with youth, apparently.)

BrokenSoapBox (9:28:23 PM): you're telling me to be a stronger person, but unfortunately, you too are also spineless, yet act like your some sort of demi-god, like you're better than everyone...i can not take your advice seriously because i dont believe that i cant take "courage tips" from someone who lacks it
BrokenSoapBox (9:28:44 PM): and that's all i have to say. goodnight
“BrokenSoapBox” signed off at 9:28:48 PM.
That's classic. To paraphrase the above quote -- "You're spineless, but I'm too chicken to stick around and explain how." Thanks for the tip, babe. But I really do hope you grow a spine, even if you never talk to me again. Good luck.