Runcible Blog


Hmm, it's been a while since I've written anything. Here's a brief recap of last week's events:

For Easter, rather than participating in any sort of reincarnation celebration, I took a nice trip to Den Rock Park in Lawrence/North Andover. There are a bunch of trails in this state park (which seems to be transforming into a housing development) that I've never explored. I took some pictures of the results of human meddling in the woods back there. It looks like all the new construction has interfered with the natural water run-off, creating large areas of flooded marshes where there used to be trails. Interesting...
On Monday, I went to Boston to watch the marathon and cheer for my father. I even ran the last mile (and would've had a heart attack if I had to run any longer than that...time to get back into shape). So, that was pretty exciting.
The rest of the week consisted of mundane work-related things, including the apparent controversy and irritation I'm causing by bothering to question our current brain-dead, hypocritical policies. So, I'm not winning the popularity contest anywhere, lately. All in a day's work.
Saturday, my father and I helped out a couple old ladies. It's always sad to see old people considered nuisances and hassles. This lady is 91 years old yet seems to be treated as a pest. Well, I guess I don't know the whole story (maybe she is a pest), but it's heartbreaking to see someone confined to a bed, waiting to die. I guess that's why we usually ship our elderly off to nursing homes -- out of sight, out of mind.
This weekend, I read Stupid White Men by Michael Moore. I highly recommend it even though some of what he says is a bit over-the-top. I'd rather have him doing what he does than have no one voicing the concerns mentioned in the book.
Finally, I'm falling in love with Astrud Gilberto (or at least her voice).