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A Pauper with Cash

So I went shopping at Guitar Center the other day, possibly looking to buy a classical or flamenco guitar, but instead I ended up buying a book that I probably won't read. The interesting thing is that none of the sales people seemed to acknowledge me as a possible customer. It probably had something to do with my shirt that was full of holes, or maybe my unmatched socks. But little did they know, I could've bought a guitar on the spot. The salespeople always go after the guys in polo shirts or turtlenecks -- like shooting fish in a barrel. The salespeople at Daddy's Junky Music in Salem (there are usually way too many people working there at any given time), however, treat everyone who walks in as a potential victim. They look for impressionable kids and then start wailing on the guitars or slapping the basses to shock and awe little Jimmy into convincing mommy to buy some piece of garbage instrument. So anyway, they're jerks.

But the moral of the story is that if you don't want salespeople to bother you, dress like a bum. It works for me, and I don't even have to try! Then, as your leaving the store, be sure to wave some greenbacks in the air and yell "You're not getting any of my cash, suckers!" while peeling out of the parking lot. That'll teach 'em.