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I used to watch the Discovery Channel a lot for all the educational science shows, but now they seem so dumbed down. Maybe it's just that I was dumb when I used to watch those shows. Today there was a show on supermassive blackholes which they dramatized beyond belief -- ominous orchestral music, computer simulated explosions, and dark, foreboding narration. I guess the idea is that playing to people's fears of imminent destruction will increase ratings. Oh no! It turns out that Andromeda will collide with our galaxy in 3 billion years! I better start stocking the fallout shelter; it's going to get a little hot once the gamma rays get to us.

The show right after the blackhole one was something about the comet that will destroy earth any minute now. After that quality program is probably one on killer bees, ebola, meteors, global warming, or spontaneous human combustion. (personally, I live in fear of spontaneous combustion...but it doesn't stop me from eating lots of baked beans)

Oh well. So much for the Discovery Channel. I guess I'll just have to read a book if I want to learn anything. Now, if only I knew how to read....