Runcible Blog


I've decided to try to practice what I preach, for once: I'm going to attempt to be vegetarian. I shouldn't go around with a "NO HUNTING" sign on my car and talk about ending suffering while I chow down on a big steak or my favorite dish, chicken parmigiana. Chickens suffer so much -- their beaks are chopped off to prevent them from attacking each other while they're crammed together in tiny spaces. They're bred to be so large that they can't walk around. Also, I think they're fed meat of some sort.

I knew that stuff long ago, yet I still ordered chicken parm at any opportunity. Well, it's time to get my ideals and behavior in line. This'll be no small feat for someone who grew up on McDonald's and doesn't even like lettuce. What will I eat? I don't eat many vegetables. Oh well. We'll see how long I last before running out of things to eat. I guess there are always cheese sandwiches.

The other development is that I'll hopefully be taking another class at NESOP. When I saw that they're offering Photojournalism and Documentary Photography this summer, I pretty much immediately wrote up the $50 check for registration. The class begins on the 25th, so I hope it isn't filled by now. If it is, I'll have to pull some strings with my last teacher, Adina (hey, I was the model student in that class!). And I'll have to wake up earlier to get to work earlier in order to make the 6pm class. And I'll have to find time to look for stories, develop film, and make prints. But this is my goal -- I must make it happen.