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Lobster Man

I got my first burn of the season at Hampton Beach today. I basically just wandered around the sand, the water, and the strip for a few hours, looking for photo inspiration. I didn't find much, and it's kind of awkward going to the beach alone, especially with a camera. I felt like such a voyeur. But hey, it's for my class! I swear!

Friday night I was in Hampton seeing what I could see, and I got pulled over by the fuzz. A cop was stopped in the right lane on the strip because a pedestrian was crossing. I didn't see the ped x-ing until I had already driven past. Oops. Cue the blinken lights and Hampton's finest surround my car. They must've thought I was dangerous since there were four cops around my car. But since it was the first time I'd been stopped by a pig, all I got was a written warning. I was actually waiting for the cop to give me something, but I guess they don't hand out written warnings. Too bad -- I would've framed it.

I'm beginning to worry about how I'm going to get this photo assignment done and what future assignments will entail. I'm really lacking in the guinea pig/model/subject department. I can't find anyone to sit in front of my camera for two hours. Isn't that sad? My classmates will likely have significant others and family members to shoot. I don't want to show up empty handed. And if all the assignments will require a willing model, I could be in trouble. Hmm. what to do. what to do.