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Oh yeah

I never mentioned my first day of the people photography workshop. It looks like a good class. The teacher is a magazine photographer, and there is a wide variety of students (young, old, fat, skinny, amateur, professional) who will bring their unique experiences to the discussion every week. We're allowed to use whatever film we want. I'll probably go with slide for quick color shots and B&W whenever possible. But man, when am I going to have time for this stuff? Tomorrow I'll try to get myself to NESOP and develop some film (I still haven't developed the stuff from my trip in February!). That leaves two days for finding a victim "subject", spending 2 hours shooting, having the film developed (if color) or printing (if B&W), and hoping for something better than crap. Piece of cake. I'm having trouble getting back into right-brain mode after switching it off for a while. I'm optimistic though; Boston brings out the best in me.