Runcible Blog

Wasted Day

I don't know about you, but I find it disappointing and not too fun when I get ditched. It's kind of a sinking feeling. I blew most of the day thinking someone was going to return my call, but it never happened. Even a lie would have been better than no response -- at least then I would be able to make other plans (as unlikely as that may be).

I'm not mad though. There are too many other, more important things to be angry about (see every day's news regarding this ridiculous colonial war in Iraq). But I'm disappointed and a little sad. When I tell someone I'll call or be someplace at a certain time, you better believe I will. I can't stand being late or unreliable. I'm not too harsh on everyone else though. Not everyone is as fanatical about being on time as I tend to be (going to work is another matter -- I don't usually make any promises that I'll arrive there on time).

Anyway, that's enough chatter. I still have to get that assignment done somehow.