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the cramps

For at least the past few years I've occasionally had some serious stomach cramps at night. The other night the cramps woke me up at about 5am. The symptoms are a sort of distended, bloated belly, pain in the bladder (or thereabouts), sometimes gas, and sometimes diarrhea. Yeah, it's gross. I've though that it could be dehydration or hunger, but I don't know. I do know that drinking something seems to relieve the cramps pretty quickly, so maybe I'm not drinking enough. At any rate, I can't go back to sleep after waking up like that. To make matters worse, I started eating a bowl of cereal (with whole milk, of course.). Cue the runs... I've learned not to drink milk on an empty stomach unless I feel like sitting on the toilet for a while. Actually I just shouldn't drink milk at all.

Well, that's my cramp story of the week.