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domain problems, again

Earlier this evening, the domain expired, and replaced the domain with a parking site. I sent an email to, who are responsible for that domain, and they renewed the domain for another 10 years (!). Their response seemed to indicate that they didn't know they were responsible for Either way, everything should be fixed now, and eventually will be back in DNS across the globe. It's a little annoying though...

update: It looks like it might take up to a whole day for the DNS to propagate! imagine all the important email I'll lose! (not really)

Since I'm not too keen about's reliability (though I really appreciate that they offer some useful free services), I went and bought another domain name. I already bought earlier this year, but I haven't really done anything with it other than switch my email to that domain. I had some ideas about content for, but they were half-baked. Although I'll probably develop some content for that site, I present my newest domain:

(I've started putting Pobble Labs on the software I've been writing. It sounds official.)

Eventually I'd like to move away from, but that'll take a while. In the meantime, I'll have that nice poem on the front page and maybe a few other things there soon.