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back in black

Well, I'm back from vacation now. Whoo! It was great.

Oh, wait, I didn't take a vacation. I was just lazy about writing anything.

But now, 10 days after the new year, I'm ready to make resolutions. As soon as I think of a resolution to keep, I'll resolve to keep it. Perhaps I should resolve to write more sordid details of my life. I'm sure google searchers would benefit from knowing that I had a piece of drywall stuck in my eye today, for instance.

Seriously though, I'd like to recap the past month or so, but uhh...I can't quite remember everything. I remember thinking on christmas that after 20 years I think I understand now that giving is better than receiving. Oh boy, what a revelation! not really. Every year I care less about christmas -- maybe because my room is so full of stuff that I don't want any new clutter.

I've seen a bunch of movies in the past month, including several from the Stanley Kubrick DVD box set that I got for christmas. I'll leave the reviews to Siskel and Kermit though.

New Year's Eve was somewhat memorable because I went to a party in Cambridge. The party wasn't that great, but it was better than sleeping. And the people were alright. That's a good thing, right?

Is it a bad sign that Wally is my hero these days? What does it say about my job if I seriously think about using this speech at work?

wally's big moment