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Jesus Christ: movie star?

What's with the hubbub over The Passion of Christ? That movie is getting a ton of free publicity (unless artificial publicity is part of the $25 million budget). Why, just this morning on CNN, more time was spent talking about the movie, interviewing priests, and showing clips of the Pope mumbling than they spent talking about Bush's proposal to use the constitution to discriminate against millions of people! How about some proportionality?

Anyway, I'm probably not going to see the movie. I've read the gospels; I know how the story ends, and I don't care what Mel Gibson has to say about it.

I was thinking: people are complaining that the movie is "anti-semitic" because it may or may not place blame on Jews for Jesus's crucifixion. But how come you never hear anyone complain about "anti-Roman" accounts of the story? Somehow I don't think the Romans would've liked to take all the blame. After all, crucifixions were common back then. nothing personal, you know? They were just doing their jobs, right?