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disappointing Cafe Azteca

The famous Cafe Azteca in Lawrence leaves much to be desired. The waitress, a former Spanish teacher at Central, didn't quite understand what I ordered.

I wanted a plain black bean burrito and made sure to ask what was inside it. Instead I got a big, honking chicken burrito. I didn't know haba sounds like pollo. So they sent it back for another one. Then, instead of a black bean burrito, I got a refried bean burrito with black beans and rice on the side. Frustrated, I ate the rice and beans, but refried beans are gross. Another, fluent English speaking waiter offered the consolation that their refried beans aren't made with lard. By that time, though, I didn't want to complain and get another one.

Their lousy service is disappointing, but what's more disappointing is that it's hard to get a non-meat burrito around here.

We need something like Burrito Max in Lawrence. Burrito Max vegetarian burritos aren't great, but they're good enough and hearty enough for me.