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sweet lord, destroy this awful movie!

I'm watching the most terrible movie I've seen in a while: Code Hunter. Actually, this movie is so special that it has three names -- Code Hunter, Storm Watch, and Virtual Storm. I guess the producers couldn't decide on a name that accurately describes this action-packed piece of garbage.

The premise is that a weather-controlling supercomputer creates a number of hurricanes around the world and attempts to wipe out humanity. Only a virtual-reality computer "hacker" can save the world. I'd rather not go into the details (they boggle the mind with ridiculousness). Suffice it to say, the movie gets progressively worse every minute.

But rather than being completely negative, I have some constructive criticism for the sequel:

  • Mini-disc players aren't computers, yet the hero uses one to break into the supercomputer.
  • In close-up shots of typing, it helps if the actor types one key at a time, unless mashing on the keyboard is a new trick that "hackers" employ.
  • A "hacker" can't control a home gas line, causing the house to explode.
  • Supercomputers don't run on Windows, and they don't blow up when you change the system date!
  • Finally, computer "hackers" don't look like underwear models; they look something like this:
    I'm a computer hacker

You can't say I'm not trying to be helpful with my criticism.