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are you kidding?

Here's a user contributed review of The Battle of Algiers from imdb (emphasis mine):

Christopher Mulrooney
Los Angeles
Date: 21 January 2004
Summary: Thrilling.

The substance of this takes place in a flashback after the opening scene, a man seated on his chair, shaking with the tortures he has just undergone. The great gag is that Ali La Pointe is a purveyor of Three-Card Monte, i.e., a street Arab. The flashback occurs during a situation like that of Le Jour Se Lève.

There is an amusing revelatory sophism (still more in Queimada) which Richard Lester and Sydney Pollack developed in Cuba and Havana, respectively. Saadi Yacef as the NLF leader Jaffar bears a striking resemblance to Robert Forster in Delta Force.

The essence of this film is the predicatory realism of the handheld camera in the Rouch manner. There is the Casbah, there is the sea, over the rooftops. The absoluteness of the structure is the fait accompli of style waiting to be born every second and doing so explosively, thanks to special effects unmatched until The Pianist reversed the perspective, observing the mayhem at first hand and an answer to it at a distance.

The score takes note of Bartók to very thrilling effect.

hmm...clear as mud.