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Offensive Post of the Day

You know, that guy Sheik Ahmed Yassin didn't look like a big scary terrorist. Here he is having a fun time scooting around in his wheelchair:

The Sheik Ahmed Yassin that I knew

I doubt he put up much of a fight against a missile attack. It's pretty cowardly when you have to resort to missiles to assassinate a crippled old man. I hope I don't get destroyed by Israeli missiles when I'm 72.

On another note, I just saw some show on PBS about women's liberation and what not. I wasn't paying much attention, but I was captivated by one Miss Wendy Shalit, author of A Return to Modesty: Discovering the Lost Virtue. See what I mean?

Wendy Shalit: Hottie
Can I discover her lost virtue?

I was surprised to read that she's quite the prude. You'd think that someone who wrote a book on modesty would be an ugly dog, but Ms. Shalit throws that theory out the window! Even though I don't know her and didn't listen when she spoke, somehow I think the modesty thing is just a façade -- she's actually a "girls gone wild" groupie or an Ivy League porn star.

Well, I can imagine.

That concludes the Offensive Post of the Day ™