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playing in a travelling band

Well, I think I'm in a band now. Starting next week I'll be the official bassist for Travels With Charlie (I don't get the name either…).

We played yesterday morning at a barn in Rowley, the perfect setting for a jam band. The band leans toward Grateful Dead jams with rock influences and some pop-ish hooks at times. That might not be an accurate description. They have a bunch of originals in that vein. They're pretty laid back and interested in having a good time -- no delusions of grandeur. They're all a few years older than I am (30's I guess), so we don't share the same memories of popular 80's rock songs, but I see that as a plus. The only thing to worry about is if one of them breaks a hip or gets Alzheimer's. har har.

I think it'll be a good experience. I'm not sure what I bring to the band with my eclectic musical tastes. We may end up playing some funk, jazz, or even reggae, and maybe if we're daring enough: death klezmer! I have some ideas for potentially interesting covers and may come up with some original material if I'm creative enough. I dunno, it may just be fun.

They have gigs every once in a while, but otherwise the schedule doesn't seem demanding. The last time I played out was 3 years ago (!), so I'm eager to get back on the train. There's a gig at some bar coming up in mid-May. can't wait for that