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don't have that problem

On the 6th I'll be even more over the hill as I observe (probably not celebrate) my 21st birthday. I don't have any special plans and don't intend on becoming an alcoholic. So, my options are limited.

I was asked yesterday if all my friends were already 21 and bugging me about being 20. I said no. I definitely don't have that problem because I don't hang around with anyone my age, or, for that matter, any age. From time to time I'm reminded that I don't have any friends.


I should be more outgoing or something.

You know, I wonder when someone says "I like meeting new people". I wonder if they're just saying that or if they actually enjoy meeting new people. I don't think I like meeting new people. I mean, I do (I'm not completely introverted), but I don't enjoy the process of meeting someone new. There's a lot of background information that I end up repeating -- what are my hobbies, what do I do at work, what do I listen to, have I been convicted of a felony lately. You know the drill. I don't mind asking the same questions of the other person, but they must be just as bored with the interrogation.

I could use my compyooter skillz to create a vast website which explains everything there is to know about me, but that would suck. What would drive someone to that site? My dynamic personality? Doubt it.

As usual, I end up back where I started: complaining about not knowing anyone, thinking about being more extroverted, complaining about the inconvenience of introductions, giving up.

File this one under recurring theme.