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crappy liberal radio so far

I've been listening to the new "liberal" radio network, Air America Radio, and from what I've heard, it stinks.

Al Franken's "O'Franken Factor" was all over the place. Why was he talking to his daughter and some old friends? It was like eavesdropping on a phone call. But I didn't hear much of his show.

I did listen to this woman, Randi Rhodes, who is grating my ears as we speak. Geeze, everything she says is annoying. Maybe some people enjoy her outrageous personality and awful New York accent, but I'm going to tune out during her timeslot from now on. E-gad, her attack on Ralph Nader was over the top and offensive.

She sounds like an egotistical buffoon who can't help but run her mouth off for hours on end. She reminds me why I don't listen to talk radio. I hope the Air America strategy isn't to out-Rush Rush by being more obnoxious and abrasive than the Repugs.

And what's the deal with Daily Kos these days? They've gone from a grassroots anti-war community website to a DNC insider, congressional campaign donation collection agency. Some of the comments there are pathetic now. They're a bunch of band-wagon Democrats who have blindly forgotten all of Kerry's negatives. They're like sheep being lead by the DNC and united in their fear of a Bush re-election. They don't want to realize that their grassroots effort is being commandeered and watered down from inside the beltway.

It's a shame. I've been reading the Daily Kos blog for more than a year because of it's perspective during the run-up to the war, but now it's all zogby polls and begging for money. Thanks, DNC!